My Old Lady

I went to the Wake / Nebraska football game last Saturday. I'll go on record as saying it was the hottest I have ever been at any sporting event. Which is ironic because the last Wake game I went to last season was the coldest I have ever been at any sporting event. And for the record I went to a Wake game vs Florida St. a few years back and it poured down rain the entire time, which made it the wettest I've ever been at a sporting event.

Speaking of rain, there is this stuff currently falling from the sky that looks and feels a lot like rain. It's been so long since I've seen any I've forgotten what it looks like.

This past Sunday a group from church went to a Shane & Shane / Bebo Norman / Monk & Neagle concert. I had never heard M&N so their stuff was all new to me. They were average at best. They're just your typical two guys on guitar making corny jokes and singing some church songs. Bebo on the other hand was very good. My favorite song by him, "The hammer holds", is off his first CD and was never a radio hit so I thought there would be no chance for him to play it, but sure enough he did. That was the highlight of the night for me. I had heard nothing but great things about S&S so I was really excited to finally get to see/hear them. To say the least I was a bit disappointed. It was a really long concert (3 1/2 hours) so I may have just been a bit tired but they didn't do a thing for me. It's safe to say that was my first and last S&S concert.

We held our first "Celebration" service this past Sunday at church. Basically we combined all three worship services into one big service. The sanctuary was packed as we took elements from our Refinery service, traditional service and blended service and rolled them into a hodge podge of worship. Everyone seemed to love it. The only complaint I've heard is that some of the more "traditional" attendees didn't like the fact I wore my flip flops to preach in. Good stuff.

I'm still digging my Xbox 360. We've now got Scott G. playing Catan so I feel pretty certain our wives will soon form a support group for women who have lost their husbands to Catan. Halo 3 comes out next week and I've made my decision not to buy it. At least right now. I can find better ways to spend $60 then on a game I really don't enjoy that much.

I bought my first HDTV this past week. So far it's everything I ever heard it could be and more. I hooked an antenna up on my roof and can pick up over 20 over the air HD channels.

So my old lady, we'll call her Beth, and I have a major philosophical difference when it comes to shopping. Case in point: Last night she begged me to go with her to a consignment sale and then to Target. So being the good and faithful husband I went. The agreement was this: She asked that I give her "just 10 min" in the consignment sale and then to allow her to "run in really quick" and pick up "just one thing" she needed at Target. Now when I (and most other males) go shopping, I have one thing in mind - get in, get what you came for, and get out. I'm sure you can see where this is going. 25 minutes later I was dragging Beth out of the consignment sale. Then 8 items and 30 minutes later we left Target. Every shopping experience begins the same way, "All I need is this". Once in the store it's, "Oh, I "forgot" I need to check on this too. And while we're he let's look at this". And it always ends the same, "Beth can we go now? Beth I lost Jacob. Beth I found Jacob but I've lost Maria. Beth I found Maria, she was throwing balls down the aisle. Beth the store is about to close. Beth our kids have fallen asleep. Beth if you really loved me you won't make me go shopping with you again".

The things I go through for my old lady.


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