My Boys of Summer

I haven't done a movie review in a while so here are a few I've watched recently with a short one word thought:

"Blood Diamond" - good

"Wild Hogs" - average

"Happy Feet" - terrible

"Bridge to Terabithia" - terrible

"Blades of Glory" - fantastic

I'm putting in some quality time with my new 360. My favorite game is "Catan". One game I just can't get into is "Halo". I'm going to keep playing it until the new one come out and if I'm still not impressed then there will be no Halo 3 for me.
The church transition is going well. I used the month of August to focus on getting the Refinery service put in place. So far that has gone very well. Two weeks ago we had not only our best Refinery service at Main St. but one of our best ever. With the exception of this past weekend (Labor day) the service has been growing each week (spiritual, excitement, physical). The cool thing is we're getting visitors from outside the church to come check us out. This month I'm going to focus on youth ministry and next month my college / young adult ministry. It's been strange working with a "staff" again. Not bad but strange. After four years of doing things on my own I forgot what it's like to have other church employees to help me out. It's also taking some getting use to having to consider what effects my decisions will have on other ministries within the church. Since I'm no longer in charge of EVERYTHING (Thank God) I have to make sure what I'm doing isn't interfering with what someone else is trying to accomplish. I guess what I'm saying is I'm having to learn how to work in a team again.

This past weekend, Jeremy, Kipp, John, and I headed down to Atlanta to see the boys of summer play a little baseball. We had the best seats I've ever sat in. We were 17 rows off the field right behind the on deck circle. The Braves won which is always a plus but the highlight for me was meeting my all-time favorite Brave, Mark Lemke. Mark played 2nd base for the Braves throughout the 90's and was a major part of the '95 world series team. He's now a radio announcer for the team. Mark co-host the pregame show from right inside the stadium where fans can gather and listen/watch. I wore my Mark Lemke jersey as I always do to a Braves game. (On a side note, I'm not a jersey guy. Some people wear them as everyday attire but I think that's silly. I wear mine to games only) I had asked when Mark would be coming out and was told noon. So about 11:45am Kipp and I headed down to catch a look and see what was happening. To my fortune, Mark was already out at the booth setting things up. When I called out to him and showed in my Lemke jersey (probably the only one on earth) he gave me a double thumbs up then offered to autograph the back. Kipp said it best when I showed him the autograph, "Wow. It's even legible."


Emeriol said…
Er... Mike, Have you played the single player Halo 1 campaign yet? or the single player Halo 2 campaign yet? Those might be a good place to start... the campaign is insane good. If you are just playing the online, you are really missing out on one of the best FPS campaigns ever. If you want to borrow Halo 1, leme know. :)
Emeriol said…
I got my 360 this weekend. And then bought that Catan game. It seems like a mix between Chess, Civilization, and Kanasta... So far, I have only played against computer opponents. Tonight I plan to get beat by some humans. ;)

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