My Ramblings For The Week

So I wake up and the first headline I see is that the kid all of America hates made it to the final eight on Idol last night. Two thoughts quickly came to me head. 1) How stupid do those that who have claimed Idol was fixed (when Clay didn't win or when Daughtry got the boot last season) really feel right now. Obviously Idol isn't fixed or that kid wouldn't have made it this far. Clay and Chris weren't good enough to win, or should I say they just didn't have enough fans phoning in their numbers. This whole controversy with Sanjoloyia or whatever his name is can put to rest all the "Idol picks it's own winners" rumors. Maybe now everyone will see it as it really is - a millions of teenage girls fighting a handful of adults each week as they try to keep their favorite performer in. And 2) the second headline I saw after Idol was the British soldiers getting released. Why was this an afterthought? Why wasn't this the lead story? This country is tough to defend sometimes with our entertain us first attitudes. And I wonder why most people come to churches today wanting a "show". Maybe if more churches catered to the majority of shallow minded Idol fans then churches would be packed. Maybe if they got to vote for which scriptures they wanted to keep in each week, you know, only keep the ones that don't offend them, then the Bible wold be more popular.

Best Sports Month Edit
As a good friend pointed out to me, I erroneously left off Wrestlemainia from the best sports month ever blog.

A friend sent me this quote the other day and asked two questions: Do you agree? and Who said it? here is the quote for you to decided:
“What you see in the evangelical movement is a split between those who got where they are by condemning others, and those who want to reach out to help others. The new generation demands we come up with solutions and not just divisions..."
Highlight the following to see the answer: Howard Dean

I've basically reduced my television watching to three hours a week. 24, Lost, the Office, and Scrubs. The Office and Scrubs are back tonight with extended episodes so I guess I'll watch closer to 3 1/2 hours of TV this week.

Holy Grail of Toys
Jacob is obsessed with the movie "Cars". He'd watch it every day if we let him. Along with the movie he has become fascinated with the die cast "Cars" toys. We have slowly been able to find most of them which has been tough since like most hot toys, adults are buying them up and putting them on Ebay for 10x the price. My holy grail of "Cars" has been the Guido, Luigi, & Tractor 3-pack. This is the only way to get any of those 3 cars. It sells in stores for $7.00 but on Ebay it's going for up to $50.00. When I was at Walmart the other day I cruised by the "cars" section like usual figuring they would have nothing I wanted. As I approached it was obvious they were picked over and had only a few cars left. As I scanned the shelves searching for any kind of hope that they might have a Car I was looking for, I saw my holy grail complete with a golden beam of light and a choir of angels. There was the Guido, Luigi, and Tractor 3 pack I had been searching for. Like Indiana Jones I carefully lifted the toys off the hook and quickly replaced it with another hoping I wouldn't set off any type of traps like darts or big rolling balls of rock. As I checked out and made it safely to my car I knew the Easter ( Springtime) Bunny was going to be a big hit this year.


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