My Best Sports Month Ever

As an avid sports fan, it's gets no better then it does each and ever April. I challenge anyone to come up with a better month in sports then this one.

Each April begins with the NCAA Basketball Championship where this year I'll sit and dream of what might have been if Oden and Conely had chosen WFU over OSU. ( Wake was their 2nd choice if you didn't know)

Next you have MLB opening day. A time where I can once again watch my Braves do just enough to win in the regular season only to collapse in the fall classic.

Then it moves on to the Masters, "A tradition unlike any other" (In my best Jim Nance voice). I love Tiger Woods and I wouldn't be disappointed if he won the next 20 Masters. I'll go on record and say now that no other athlete in the history of sports as dominated his/her sport the way that Tiger has/is. He's better at his sport then anyone else ever at their sport. Yes, even Jordan and basketball.

Next we have the beginning of the NBA and NHL playoffs. After terribly long and boring regular seasons we finally get to see some real action. An overtime sudden death in a game 7 of a NHL playoff game is as intense as you'll find in any sport.

Finally you have the NFL draft. Which running back with the Panthers draft this year? It really doesn't mater because he'll stay hurt or unproductive for his stay in Charlotte.

So no matter what sport you fancy, or which team you pull for, there is something for everyone this month.


Emeriol said…
How could you forget WrestleMania?

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