My Valentine

First you had Romeo and Juliette, then Rocky and Adrian, now it's Mike & Beth.

I've been thinking a lot lately of how blessed I am to have a wife like Beth. We've been married almost nine years now and not to sound to cheesy but everyday still feels fresh and new. I think it's because we're so right for each other. You hear people talk all the time about finding their "soul mate". I don't know if I buy into all of that but I do know that there isn't a better woman for me then Beth. As Michael Scott would say, "She completes me".

I think a lot of people look for a mate that is exactly like them. Same interest, thoughts, feelings, strengths, weaknesses and so on. That's where the trouble begins. While it is great to find someone that shares some of the say enjoyments in life that you do, the longer I am married and more people I know that have their marriages fail, I am more and more convinced that besides having God at the forefront of your marriage, the strength/weakness dynamic is the most important. If your wife/husband doesn't make you a better person or if your strengths don't fill in their weaknesses, then it's probably not going to work.

My weaknesses are Beth's strengths and her weaknesses are my strengths. She's bright, thinks things through, very diligent, very strong, and always desires to give her best. When we met I was less then bright, lazy, nonchalant, not driven, and got by with a very average effort. But on the other hand I can let go, I'm easy going, lean on faith, see the big picture, and I'm not afraid to jump. She was too stressed, uptight, fearful, worried about today and tomorrow, and had to see it to believe it. Over the past nine years, all of that has changed, for the better

Why ramble on about all of this? Just to remind myself how much of a better man I am for having Beth in my life. Her strengths strengthen me and my strengths strengthen her. We are one. Our personalities are different. So are our taste and interest. But at the end of the day she is everything I need and want. I hope people see our marriage as a glimpse into what I believe God intended marriage to be. I have several single friends and I can only pray that they find (or have found) a special someone that is as wonderful as Beth.

I often say that if anything ever happened to Beth then I would never marry again, "Because I have learned from that mistake". But the truth is I could never find anyone as perfect for me as she is.

Now because I can't be totally sappy, here are some great quotes form last years Valentine's day episode of "The Office":

Delivery Man (carrying a life-sized stuffed bear): Phyllis Lapin?
Pam: Holy god...
Delivery Man: It's from Bob.
Kevin: Man, that thing's bigger than I am.
Delivery Man: No it's not.
Kevin: Oh zip it.

Dwight: Pam. Hi. How ya doin'? Good. Listen, uh, may I speak with you...privately?
Pam: You can't fire me, Dwight, just 'cause Michael's not here.
Dwight: No, Pam, just-um... Just! (he points to the conference room with his head)
(In the conference room)
Pam: You need to get something for your...
Together: Girlfriend.
Dwight: Yes. She's kind of...
Pam: Tightly wound?
Dwight: Exactly.
Pam: You know, sometimes the gift is more about the gesture. Like, what it means, not what it is.
Dwight: Like a ham?
Pam: No...not like a ham.

(Roy enters and approaches reception)
Roy: Hey, babe. You uh...almost ready to go?
Pam: I guess.
Roy: What's wrong?
Pam: Nothing. It's just, I had to sit here all day while Phyllis had, like, an entire garden delivered to her.
Roy: What, you're mad at me?
Pam: I mean, I know we said, "no big gifts," but I was kind of hoping you'd get me something for Valentine's Day.
Roy: Well, Valentine's Day isn't over. Let's get you home, and you are going to get the best sex of your life. (Pam looks exasperated, while Roy smiles and nods with wide-eyes)


Beth said…
You are the best! This is the best gift you could give me. I love you!

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