My Baptism By Fire

Sunday we held our first ever Baptism service at The Refinery. Not only was it our first as a church but it was my first ever as a pastor. To say I was incredibly nervous would be an understatement. We had six people who wanted to be baptized so our friends at a local baptist church here in town let us borrow their sanctuary and baptismal pool for the service. We had a tremendous turn out of friends and families to support the ones getting baptized. As each person got "dunked" then brought back out of the water, the congregation cheered and hollered like their favorite team just scored a touchdown. It was awesome. Kipp assisted me with the baptisms and did a terrific job. Looking back on it a day later, I'd think it's safe to say it was one of our best services we have ever had.

Here are a few picks from the baptisms:


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