My Public Split (and other weekend musings)

Friday Beth had her long awaited "Lasik" eye surgery. I really wasn't planning on going back with her, not because I didn't care but operations freak me out. But after seeing how nervous she was I "cowboyed up" (I've always wanted to say that) and went back to hold her hand during the procedure. The whole things was remarkably short, 15 min max. Once they got her to lay down they put her eyes under a microscope and up on a big screen the surgery went. You can check out Beth's blog and read in detail what happened but I'll just cut straight to the results and say going in she was worse then 20/500 and the next morning at her check up she was 20/25. As for me, the surgery wasn't as freaky as I had expected even if they were cutting her eye open right there in front of me.

Friday night as Beth slept off her surgery, I watched "Last Kiss" with Zach Braff from "Scrubs". Save your money. It was terrible. Probably one of the worse movies I've seen in a long time. No stars

Saturday I helped my friends John & Melissa move into there new home. As far as moving days go it was a lot of fun.

The kids spent the weekend with my parents to give Beth some rest for her eyes. So we decided to take advantage and have a date night. It didn't turn out quite like we planned but it was good all the same. We wanted to go see "Letters from Iwo Jima" but our dinner took longer then expected and once we finished eating there was no way we could make the movie. So we stopped by the video store and rented one. We checked out "Stranger than fiction" with Will Ferrell. It was terrific. The acting, story, and theme were all more then I had hoped for. 3 1/2 stars

We had another strong service at church on Sunday. The music was by far the best part. I'm not sure what happened but for the first time in a long time, maybe ever, everyone in the band had their "A" game gong. The singing, drums, guitars, and bass were all in perfect harmony. After every song the congregation clapped and cheered.

Sunday night Jacob had a birthday party to go to for a kid in his preschool class. Since Beth's eyes were still recovering, I had to take Jacob solo. The party was held at "Pump it up", a place in Greensboro that rents outs huge rooms filled with the very large inflatable slides, jumping rooms, and obstacle courses. My plan was to sit back and watch all the excitement unfold but occasionally Jacob would ask me to join him. After the first few times down the slides and through the obstacle course I started feeling more and more confident in my abilities to keep up with my 3 year old son. Maybe a bit to confident. As we were climbing through the obstacle course one more time, I threw my leg over an incline and heard the worst noise of my life, "Rrrriiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppp!". I looked down and had split my pants. From my crotch to my knee was the biggest rip I had ever seen in a pair of pants. I looked around in horror to see if anyone else had noticed. By the grace of God no one had, or at least they weren't staring if they did. I slowly maneuvered myself out of the course and quickly walked to the bench where my jacket was lying. I placed the jacket over my legs and tried to call Beth. She didn't answer. After several calls I finally decided to called my mom. her and dad live about 15-20 minutes away from where I am but they were quick to offer some of dad's sweat pants. As I waited for my pants to arrive, Jacob kept asking me why I wasn't playing anymore. I kept telling him I needed to rest. My parents arrived just in time as the "pump it up" portion of the party was ending and they were moving us to another room open presents and eat cake. I slipped out while no one was looking and ran to the bathroom. After a quick change I was back and to my knowledge no one noticed the new pants I was sporting. From now on I'll start keeping a change of clothes in my car.


Patti said…
thank you for the comment :) i am doing good. God continues to show me how little i know and how great He is :) I am thankful and unworthy, but that's just the beauty of his love for his children :) i pray that your family is doing well.


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