My World At War

Stop me if you've heard this one...

There's a major conflict overseas. Countries are at war and a ruthless dictator is stripping every man, woman and child of their God given freedom. The United States sits back and "cautiously observes the situation" but makes repeated promises not to get involved. Then one morning we wake up to see our country has been attacked. So as all proud countries do, we decided to fight back. Not only do we fight back against the ones that attacked us but also the evil dictator responsible for ripping the rest of the world apart. At first all is great and the country is behind our new "war" 100%. Enlistment lines are wraped around city blocks with people wanting to give all they can to help battle this new enemy. The United States is bursting with patriotic pride. Every man, woman, and child not fighting overseas has pledged to do "their part" to defend our country and the war torn countries that are our allies.

As the war progresses, the casualty count rises. Slowly more and more people begin to speak out against the war. They ask, "Were we really fighting the real enemy? Why are so many of our troops fighting against an enemy that never laid a foot on US soil?" Behind the scenes more and more bickering leads to divided among generals, admirals, and presidents. The same allies that once joined forces to defeat the common enemy are now at each others throats. Fights erupt about how the war should be handled and what our plan of action should be. Many who were once solidly behind the war are now pointing fingers at those who they claim have made some "terrible miscalculations" by those in charge and even accusing some in power of lying to the American people just to have an excuse to be in the war. Not to mention how expensive this war has gotten. Some predict the U.S. can never recover from the economic hardship placed on our great country by the cost of this war.

After almost four years of war, countless cities and lives destroyed, thousands of American troops dead, and every nation involved being completely decimated, the war finally comes to some what of an end. There are still flare ups every now and again but for the most part the good guys win and the bad guys lose. Freedom is restored to the millions of people who lost it, countries are rebuilt, the US economy recovers, and in the end the world is a safer place.

No, this is not a picture of the Iraq war, it's not some dream, or a big screen movie. It's exactly what happened during the years of 1941-1945. I've been reading a lot on WWII the last few months and one of the things that has taken me by surprise is the eerie similarities of that war and the current war we fight now. I realize in the grand scheme that this new war can't begin to touch the magnitude of WWII but the same underling principals are there.

Most don't realize the history of this country. The good AND the bad. Everybody wants freedom but very few want to do what it takes to accomplish that freedom. I don't have a clue what we should do to bring about the best solution in Iraq. I do know that everyone is ready to point their political fingers at "the other" political party and make outlandish threats and conspiracy theories. The sad part about this war is right now as we begin to enter election territory, the war will take front and center stage but for all the wrong reasons. The candidates could care less about the outcome of the war, they just want to make sure their saying what the majority of voters want to hear.

I'm not sure how our current war will turn out but I do know this, we've been there before.


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