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Excuse me while I rant....

Last night I had my first chance to see in person my Wake Forest men's basketball team in action. They were at home against rival UNC. As I've been following their progress all season long on TV and the internet, I kept hearing that their poor record was caused by the team being so young (13 of their 15 players are freshmen and sophomores). So I expected to see this young scrappy team with a lot of energy and potential to win maybe not this year put in the very near future. What I witnessed was what may be the worst Wake Forest team I have ever seen play.

I've been following WFU basketball for 20 years. I know bad teams. I watched first hand the Wake teams of Ivy, McQueen, and Kitley lose year in and year out. But those teams would have run circles around this current squad. What the Wake teams of old lacked in talent that made up for in hustle and game strategy. The current team can't shot, they can't pass, they can't hold on to the ball, they make the simplest plays nerve racking, and the worst part is it looks as if they don't have a clue what they're doing out on the court. Like them or not, UNC is a very well coached team. Every player knows what his job is when he is on the floor. If he doesn't, Roy jerks his butt off. Not at Wake. Those guys run around like there playing "knockout" at recess.

I was listening to Coach Prosser on the post game and he was talking about how the team just doesn't execute very well. Really? I didn't notice. Well I have a news flash for ol' Skip, you recruited those players and you coach them every day. The team is a reflection of coaching. Talent is not the issue. Is UNC more talented then us. Absolutely. But should they be that much better prepared then us? Absolutely not.

What I witnessed in UNC's 28 point blowout of the Deacs was one team that was prepared and came to play and one that didn't have a clue what was going on. At the current rate, Wake will not win another game this year. I have tickets to see them again in a few weeks but I'm already dreading my decision to go.

On a side note: The only thing that made the night half way enjoyable was that it was all free. Beth's boss has season tickets and couldn't go so he passed his ticket on to me. I'm starting to think now he had seen enough and couldn't stomach one more game. Once I fought through the traffic to get to the coliseum, I followed a line of cars to a side entrance. Once I had committed to that entrance, I saw it was for "pass parking only". I just kept going as the cop waved me through. I ended up parking for free just a few spots away from the front door of the LJVM.


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