My Observations From Today

I saw a bumper sticker on a SUV today that said, "Gas prices suck". This made me ponder two things: 1) How is that bumper sticker going to do anything to bring gas prices down and 2) If you think gas prices suck so bad, then why are you driving an SUV? Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-SUV. I own one and will probably always own one. But you'll never catch me complaining of what poor gas mileage it may get and how gas prices are to high. If I wanted to get 30+ miles to a gallon, I'd trade in my Xterra for a Sentra.

While in the grocery store the today, I saw a bag of chips called "Support our troops". Seriously, that was the brand name. It said a percentage of proceeds from the chips would go to support our troops. I wondered: 1) how can .10 from a bag of chips make a difference and 2) how in the world will they "support" our troops by consumers buying their nacho chips?

I picked up a new book today by Pastor Mark Driscoll. He pastors Mars Hill Church in Seattle. The book is about the story of his church. I read the title of the first chapter and knew it was for me. The title goes, "Jesus, our offering was $137 and I want to buy bullets with it." I can't wait to read this book. On a side note, you can read Mark's blog on the "People to know" link.

While at the bookstore, I bought my first Christmas CD of the season. It's Third day's new one, "Christmas Offerings". How long are they going to milk the "offering" bit? Other than that, it sounds really good. I listen to a quick preview but then put it away so I don't burn myself out by Christmas. I have never been a huge "presents at Christmas" fan, but that all changes when you have kids.

Today's Beth's birthday. We'll have to see what was more of a thrill today: getting a new bike from me or holding a woman's brains in her hands (see her upcoming blog for the story there)

Wake has a big game against UNC this week. If they can pull it out, they'll be 7-1 heading into their monster game with BC.

Fantasy Football update: After seven weeks, I'm in first, third, and tenth in my three leagues.

The Office is a rerun tonight, but it's a good one. "Gay Witch Hunt" which may be one of their best episodes ever. I also learned that starting in a few weeks, NBC is moving "Scrubs" to Thursday's at 9:00 right after 'The Office". There hasn't been an night of better comedies since 1986/87 with: 8:00 The Cosby Show, 8:30 Family Ties, 9:00 Cheers, and 9:30 Night Court.


ElkniwCire said…
What you said about the SUV and the Chips made me laugh. Really.

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