My Busy Week

We've started some new Sunday morning small groups (I'd call them Sunday School if I didn't cringe so much when I hear that term). All we were offer to begin with are 2 adult groups and 1 kids group. I really wasn't anticipating having any youth show up but since some did, I was forced to begin an impromptu Jr/Sr high Sunday School class. I knew when one of the teens tooth fell out at the beginning of class that this was going to be a fun time. Church went well and youth in the afternoon was solid as always. I thought Kipp did a great job with the lesson.

Picked up my new mountain bike (which you can read all about in my previous blog). I've also begun a small group at my home each Monday night starting at 7:30pm. So far the first 2 weeks have been really good. We're doing an Andy Stanley study called "Defining moments". It deals with how to make the wise choice when faced with a defining moment decision.

I worked the Dixie Classic fair from 10-1 for WBFJ. I ran the "Plinko" game (similar to the one on the "Price is Right"). It cost a dollar to play and all the proceeds goes to "The Victory Junction Gang". When I got home, I took my bike for a spin (no pun intended) To make a long story short, I rode for about 15 min and I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. I didn't realize 1) how out of shape I was and 2) how many muscles biking uses that I obviously haven't used in 15 years or more.

I took my bike to work with the idea of riding it around the neighborhood the church is in once I finished my sermon. I was a little worried at first that I might leave the church and not be able to make it back. I'm not sure what it was but I was able to ride a bit more with less strain on myself this time around. (I think the biggest change was that I learned which gears work best in which situations) I ended up riding 2 miles (4 laps around the block) before I called it a day. I was pretty proud of myself. I also decided to name my bike. I read on a biking web page that all serious bikers do. So after looking it over I decided that 1 ) my bike was a she and 2) her name would be "Sasha" (You have to be a "Scrubs" fan to understand)That afternoon around 3:30pm, I headed back to the fair to work the "Jars of Clay" concert. My job was the supervise/manage the selling of the JOC merchandise. I had 4 ladies that worked for me. It was a very busy night and I was plenty worn out by the time I left at 10:30pm. One cool part was the road manager for JOC gave me a tee shirt for my help. Which was cool since I have all their CD's. The newest by the way, "Good Monsters", is their best since their first one. A must buy!

I took the day off and spent it with the kids. We ran some errands and got some stuff done I had been putting off. The Office that night was good. Not as good as the first 2 episodes of this season but strong none the less.

Today was my long awaited trip to the "Barney Live on Tour" experience. We had tickets to the 2:00pm show. We had originally planned on not taking Maria but she has been getting so into Barney lately we just didn't have the heart not to let her go. When we did some research this past week, we found out that all kids over 1 had to have a ticket. So we were going to try to sneak her in. No, not in Beth's purse, although you could fit a kid in that thing, but just a simple walk in with her and act like we know what we're doing. It worked. Maria wasn't carded and we all 4 got in without a hitch. I had bought tickets in the upper deck because they were the cheapest. (yes, a fathers love does have it's spending limits) but once we got in and saw hardly no one was there, we moved down and sat on the front row of the bottom section. We didn't tell the kids what we were doing there until just before showtime. When Barney came out, Jacob and Maria went crazy. For the next 90 min, he held both of their attentions better than anything else we have ever seen. They laughed, danced, clapped, and sang their little hearts out. I loved it too. Not so much because of that purple dinosaur, but because my kids were happy. Nothing makes me (and I guess any parent) feel more joy then when they see their kids really happy. Tonight we watched 2 shows we had recorded: Lost and The Nine. Lost didn't disappoint. It was a solid beginning to the new season. The Nine is a new show detailing the lives of nine people held hostage in a bank robbery. It was outstanding! It's very creative and well written which is something that is rare in TV today.

Tomorrow (Saturday)
Relax and watch a little college football. If the weather is good, maybe Sasha and I will go for a little ride.


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