John 15 (Week Five) Remain In

· Read John 15:4-11
· Pray
· Emotion isn't a learned skill or acquired capacity, it's a primal component of human nature
· No one has to tell you to be happy, angry, sad, etc.
· Jesus was full of passion and emotion
· Anger with money changers
· Grief when we wept over death of Lazarus
· Emotion also found in the language of Jesus
· Jesus was incredible practitioner of pathos, a rhetorical term for an appeal to the heart through emotions
· Today we call it emojis
· Even when audience lacked the ability for religious reasoning, Jesus able to reach hearts through emotive language.
· One way was through the use of repetition
· 11 times in six verses (John 15:4-10)
· Stated the command to “remain in Him”
· Repetition and example
· Ex. teens, human brain not fully developed until age 25
· Why this command?

1) It is impossible to be fruitful unless we remain in Him
· Fruit in the bible one of two things - Adam/eve in garden, and fruit of the spirit
· Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control
· whether we realize it or not, those nine things are at the heart of everything we long for in life.
· Every purchase, every conversation, every relationship, every job

2) Remaining in Him results in fruitfulness
· ex. "I can't help it"
· Ex. Right hand vs left hand - what’s natural?
· No pressure to try harder or manufacture those things, it just happens naturally

3) Failing to remain in Him leads to separation from God
· Our addictions are our human ways to make up for separation
· What does it mean - "Obey my words, and let my words remain in you."


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