Fall TV Reviews

So far I've been disappointed in not only the new tv shows for the fall season but also with premieres of the few I do watch. Dexter was the best returning show by far. The Office and Parks & Rec have been average. And when will 30 Rock be back??

As far as new shows, here's my quick thoughts:
Hank: Stars Kelsey Grammer has a rich guy gone broke. Reminds me of a bad 80's sitcom. We didn't make it past the first commercial break. Do not watch.
Glee: Has potential but way to quirky to make it. We decided not to get involved since it will probably not last. Most unique shows like this get canned pretty quickly (see Pushing Daisies and The Unusuals)
Cougar Town: Courtney Cox tries way to hard to be believable as a 40 year old "cougar". Plus it's not funny at all. Turned it off 15 min into first episode.
Flash Forward: No matter what anyone says, this show is no LOST. The story is intriguing enough to keep me hooked but it reminds me of the long canceled ABC show "The Nine" more then anything else. Acting and dialogue could be better too. The story will keep this show going a while.
Community: I made it through a show and a half and didn't laugh once. Same old tired used jokes we've been seeing on tv for 40 years. Nothing original at all about this show. Chevy Chase is wasting his talent here.
Modern Family: Billed as the next "Arrested Development", it's far from that. But it is funny in an awkward kind of way. Worth checking out if you haven't see it.
The Middle: The BEST new show of the Fall!! Stars Patricia Heaton (Raymond) and Neil Flynn (janitor from Scrubs) Extremely funny and original! Go is ABC.com and catch the premiere if you missed it. Must See!!


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