Beth and I quietly put our house on the market a couple of months ago just to see what would happen. We like were we are currently living but we would love to be closer to town which would put us closer to church, the Y, shopping, and our friends. (In that order - HA) With the housing market like it is (or at least what we're being told by the media and government) we thought it would take a while to sell. Wrong. We signed the papers last week and as of July we'll be homeless. We have no idea where we might move. The good thing is the couple buying our home doesn't want to close until July so that buys us a few more months of looking.

I also threw the idea out to Beth that if we were ever going to make a major move then now is the time. Our house is sold, we're debt free, the kids haven't started school yet and we've always talked about making a big move to another state (or country)

I've come up with a list of place we could move based on places we've been before or wanted to go and on the the 1% chance we would move away from Kernersville:

- Southern California (With great weather 24/7 who cares if we'd only be able to afford a 600sqft apt)
- Estes Park, CO (One of the most beautiful places in the country)
- Chicago (my favorite city)
- Atlanta (For some reason I've always had a special place in my heart for that city)
- Blacksburg, VA (It would be way cool to work w/ D & K)
- Mexico City (I wonder if I could get a full time interpreter?)
- Kona, HI (Or any part of HI)
- Nashville, TN (I'm not a country music fan but I love the city)
- Places we've never been but would be open to moving sight-unseen: San Antonio, Seattle, Portland
- And according to we should live in Charleston, SC or Jacksonville, FL.


Kristie said…
yes move to blacksburg!!!!! There is a house for sale across from us! that would be ammmaaazzziiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think Hawaii is the place to live! You guys have talked about it before after your trip...sounds like the best spot!

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