Orlando '08 (Sea World, Magic Kingdom, and Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure)

The family and I took THE trip that every family should take at least once in your life time (not because we love Disney but because it's just one of those things you should do before you die like running with the bulls in Spain). We made the 12 hour drive to Orlando for a few days of lines, humidity, and overpriced bad food. Don't get me wrong we had a great time and the trip was a blast but it did have it's low points. Instead of boring you with every detail, like where we ate and what we ate, I'll just hit the highs and lows.

High: Driving through the night we made it down to Orlando in 9 1/2 hours.
Low: Driving during the day coming back took an excruciating 12 hours to come home.

High: No lines at Sea World or Disney. The longest we waits at SW was 5min and at the Magic Kingdom 30min.
Low: Everyone was at Universal / IOA. We waited forever there.

High: The kids got to "meet" Mickey, Minnie, Spiderman, Curious George, Woody Woodpecker, The Grinch, The Cat in the Hat, The X-Men, and more.
Low: They guy playing Wolverine looked more like he should be playing Homer Simpson. We was shorted and chunckier then me.

High: The new Simpsons ride, the Spiderman ride, the Atlantis ride and of course Space Mountain.
Low: It's 2008, does Disney really think animatronics are still that exciting?

High: Riding all the "fast" rides with my son. He has no fear when it comes to rides. The faster the better. He rode every ride we was tall enough for. he sat in the front on Space Mountain.
Low: We wasn't tall enough for the Hulk or Kracken.

Low: Maria doing a face-plant into the steering wheel in the indy cars at Tomorrowland at MK. her nose exploded like a watermelon and blood was everywhere.
High: the staff of Disney was awesome. There were at least 10 employees helping Maria. They even hooked her and Beth up with free Disney clothes. Maria was a trooper and was back on the rides within 30min.

High: Seeing the kids light up every time that experienced a ride or character.
Low: Realizing that God created a lot better places then Disney that my kids need to experience before we go back (if we ever go back)

High: Spending quality time with my family.
Low: Seeing so many angry parents there. Parents that were constantly screaming at their kids. There were times when my kids made me pull out what little hair I have left but come on, their just kids. Lighten Up.

High: Taking my family to Disney for A vacation.
Low: Knowing people tat take EVERY vacation there. I just don't see the appeal. It's over-priced man made fun. Next couple of years Beth and I have decided it's all God's natural fun for our family. Beach, mountains, camping, whatever. Just as long as it's away from the crowds and noise that we clutter our lives with. We get that each day of the year, why spend your vacation like that too?


Ah, Yes, a cabin in the mountains seems like the best vacation idea at this point!! :)

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