My Small World Story and Winter Jam'08 Review

Who needs myspace, facebook, and All you need is craigslist. Yesterday I went to buy an art easel my mom found for the kids on craigslist ( Why we need an art easel is beyond me but whatever. Anyway...I contact the guy selling it and arrange to come over and pick it up. When I arrive I'm met at the door by his wife who greets me with a "Hello Michael, do you remember me?" Honestly she looked a bit familiar but not enough to even attempt to figure out from where. She then told me who she was and she turned out to be a girl I went to high school with. It was great to reconnect since we hadn't seen each other in 14-15 years. He husband turned out to be a pastor at a church in Greensboro and they spent several years over seas as missionaries. Small world.

I ended my 2-year boycott of "Winter Jam" this past weekend. (A Christian concert that travels the country each Jan/Feb/March ). I'll give a very quick review and the highs and lows of Winter Jam '08:
PureNRG - Some really poor dancing and singing by some 11 year olds - NO Stars
BMX/Skateboard show - I have a college kid that can do the same stuff in our church parking lot, again, what does BMXers have to do with Jesus? - NO Stars
- Connersvine - New group, just 2 guys on guitar, pretty good - 2 1/2 Stars
- Mandisa - Yes, the same girl from American idol. Good voice, just got tired of hearing her complain about how mean Simon was to her - 2 Stars
- New Song - Nothing new here - 1 Star
- Tony Nolan - Guest speaker, (Edited 2/21/08) I was a bit hard on Tony in my first review without expalining my feelings. You can read my next blog to see how/why)
- Barlow Girl - Very Impressive. I wasn't expecting much but they rocked. I'd go see them again. - 3 Stars
- Skillet - Just as Barlow Girl, very impressive. Couldn't understand half of what they said but they put on a good show. Plus a the lead singer had the guts to say, "Shut up and buy our CD" (now before you get offended at a Christian singer saying that he was just joking) - 3 Stars
- Mercy Me - Great as always! Much better band live then on radio/CD - 3 1/2 stars

The following was a real conversation I had at "Winter Jam":
(I stand, like all the other 18,000 people, as the first act, Mandisa, comes out on stage)
Me: (I feel a poke on my shoulder so I turn around) yes?
College age girl sitting down: Could you sit down, I can't see.
Me: (shocked by the request) Excuse me?
CAG: Yeah, I can't see. So can you sit down?
Me: Everyone else in the entire place is standing. If I sit I won't be able to see.
CAG: So, I can't see.
Me: (Thinking that maybe she has a disability and can't stand, I do the nice thing and sit down)
Me: (In my mind: "Why the heck do you come to a concert if you want to sit down the whole time?")
I later saw her get up to go get nachos so obviously she wasn't disabled. I stood for the rest of the show.


Tony Nolan said…
Hello, This is Tony Nolan. I was the guest speaker at Winter Jam. I would like to have a talk with you to see why you were so "down" on the show. From my clothing to the BMX guys. You also mentioned some thing about the offering appeal that i think bears a little mind to mind.Please e-mail at

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