My Full Moon Fever: A Tribute to Tom Petty

Back in the summer of '89, a friend and I were at Greensboro's annual "Fun Fourth" celebration. At a booth set up by a local music store I spun a big wheel to win something cool. My prize was a tape by some guy named Tom Petty. Barely out of middle school, I had no idea who this guy was. I was just happy to get a new tape to add to my small music collection. I couldn't wait to get in my mom's car and pop it in for a listen. When I did I was blown away, it was terrible. Who was this guy and why does he sing like that. I fast forwarded to each song and they all were bad. When I got home a tossed it on my dresser and there it sat for a few weeks. Then the radio started playing a song from the tape called "I won't back down". And they played it 24/7. It eventually grew on me so I decided to give "Full moon fever" another chance. This time I fell in love with it. I couldn't listen to it enough. It now holds a place in my top 10 favorite cd's (or tapes as it was back in '89) of all time.

Tom Petty freak'n rocked the Super Bowl yesterday. He just came out with the heartbreakers and did what they do best, played some solid rock hits. No fly by night rapper, no lip synching boy band, no over the hill rockers trying to act 20 when they are really 70, just a band that loves to play rock and roll. It was simple, entertaining, and classic.

The following is a real argument Beth and I have had numerous times:
(listening to "last dance with Mary Jane" by Tom Petty on some type of music device)
Beth: This is my favorite Tom Petty song
Me: You know what it's about don't you?
Beth: Yeah, smoking marijuana
Me: NO
Beth: Yes it is
Me: No, it's about having sex with a dead chick
Beth: No it's not!
Me: Yes it is! I've seen the video. He has sex with a dead girl.
Beth: That doesn't mean that is what the song is about.
Me: Then why would they make the video that way?
Beth: Maybe because they didn't want to promote drug use.
Me: Oh, but they'll promote having sex with dead people?
Beth: You're stupid!

I have a running list of 5-6 artist I'd love to see in concert before they are no longer with us. One of the artist is the above mentioned Tom Petty. Well this July I will be marking him of my list as Beth and I scored tickets to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in Charlotte!!


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