My Life In A Nutshell

After a month I finally have the time and energy to sit down and blog a little. Forgive me if this seems like it's all over the place but I have about 4 weeks of stuff to remember.

The big church merge is finally over. (or maybe it's just begun) Either way the Refinery is now part of Main Street Baptist Church ( The move went very smooth and last Sunday was our first as a newly formed merged church. The folks at Main St. have been GREAT. They have welcomed us with open arms. There's an energy in the air that is very contagious.

Wake hired our new basketball coach yesterday. How Dino will be able to hold that program together after the death of Skip is beyond me. He's got an unenviable task in front of him.

I heard today that Wake has just about sold out all their games for the upcoming football season. there was a time not to long ago when you couldn't give Wake football tickets away. It's amazing what an ACC championship will do for you.

I served as camp pastor at Merriwood Christian Camp a few weeks ago. ( I really enjoy serving there. the folks who run it are great, the kids are terrific to be around, and there's lots to do.

I went biking on the trails at Tanglewood while I was at Merriwood. They were probably some of the best mountain bike trails I've rode here in the Triad. I can't wait until the weather cools off so I can make it back out there.

I'm still watching "Last Comic Standing". Lavell Crawford is probably the funniest person on there although I've heard his non-NBC stuff is pretty trashy.

I've finally got my hands on "Arrested Development - Season One" and it is as good as advertised. I hate I didn't watch it when it was on before. It's as good as "The Office" and "Scrubs".

After working like 80 hours last week getting everything moved, I feel like a slacker this week.

Jeremy, Bob, Aaron, Ashley, and I went to "Emerald Point" the other day. (FYI Emerald Point is the largest water park in the Carolina's - or so they say) I felt like I was 13 all over again. I grew up there as a teenager as it was less then 10 min from my house. Even as an almost 33 year old adult it was still a lot of fun, I did almost die on the scariest water slide ever though.

And about those pics at the top, my new college student at church decided to initiate me Main Street style last night. They did well.


Kristie said…
Lavell why you breathin' so hard? SO I CAN LIVE!

Don't worry white folk.. I'm not really this big I just swell up when I'm nervous.


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