My Ever Changing Life

I turned 33 this past week. I have a 2 year old daughter and a soon to be 4 year old son and both seem to gain more and more energy everyday. Beth and I are quickly approaching our 10 year wedding anniversary. I'm entering yet another new season of ministry. Beth has taken on yet another new role, this time as a college professor.

Why are we so addicted to change?

Beth and I were discussing recently how some folks we know seem to lead these dull, slow, non-eventful, unchanging, boring lives.... and we envy them. It seems like every week brings some kind of new wrinkle into our lives and it's nobody's fault but our own. Maybe it's the paths we've chosen or our failure to ever stop or at least slow down. The same choice we'll make that will give us an indescribable feeling of a breath-taking leap as we "grab life by the horns" is the same choice that wears us out and makes life go by so fast it seems like we're in a constant state of change. No matter how much we realize our ever-changing lives wear us out, we keep at it like a druggie on crack or a fat guy on Twinkies.

But God is the God of change right? And change is a good thing right?

Does God have a preference as to which type of life style he wants us to lead. Is He happier with the folks who live that dull, slow, non-eventful, unchanging, boring life because they approach life at such a "calm" outlook? Or is he most satisfied when we are willing to change no matter how crazy it makes our lives?

Beth and I often wonder if our kids have so much energy because we both are such high energy parents at home. Is it possible we are some how passing on our desire for constant change to our kids?

Take today for instance. We all got up and I decided we should go out for breakfast. At breakfast we asked the kids what they wanted to do today and they said, "something". ( I know what you're thinking, our kids are future Nobel Prize winners) So Beth and I started to discuss what "something" may be. The next thing you know we're on our way to the Greensboro Natural Science Center. Once we got back home we broke out the slip and slide and a sprinkler and turned our back yard into a mini water park.

Why couldn't we just relax today? God knows that was plan when I woke up.

But who can relax when change is calling?


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