My Hiatus

Where did the last month go? It was like June never existed. As I look back I'll try to remind myself of some of the highlights...

I went with a group of 9 people from my church to Bay St. Louis, MS for eight days to help with a Katrina Recovery camp. if you check out Beth's blog to the right (Confessions of a PW) then you can see some great pics and read all about it.

Maria turned 2. Every parents says that kids grow up to fast but you never can fully appreciate that statement until you see it unfolding before your very eyes.

One of my all time favorite wrestlers went nuts and killed his family. My heart breaks for Chris Benoit's wife and kid but the thing that makes me the most mad is all these wrestling guys trying to make excuses for him. The WWE sunk to a new low when they featured a 3 hour tribute to him on RAW. The guy's a murderer and a thief. Because of drugs, stress, or whatever he choose to steal the lives of 2 innocent people because he couldn't cope with life. Well there are millions of people everyday that have more hardship to deal with then what Chris had and they choose to hang in there and not turn to something so horrific. Sorry for the rant.

I'm reading a terrific book, Under the banner of heaven" by Jon Karkauer. It details a double murder by some Mormon fundamentalist and what caused them to act that way. It's a fascinating read about the history of the Mormon church.

Summer time usually means no TV since most summer fill in shows all stink. But I've found myself hooked on one that is in it's 3rd or 4th season. "Last Comic Standing" is clean, funny, and a nice break from new shows like "Age of Love" or tired old ones like "Big Brother".

I received "Lost and Found: The Early Years" the other day in the mail. if you're wondering who Lost & Found are, they're the best unknown music group in the country. They've been around for 20 years and refuse to cave to typical music industry pit falls. They are a true independent band. Check them out at

Lastly I want to highlight a friend of mine who is doing mission work this summer in Guatemala. Christy and her husband Caleb are working at an orphanage and you can follow their day to day lives at


Kristie said…
I just started reading "under the banner of heaven" too... I found a hard back copy at Goodwill for only a dollar! Its such a great book but I can only read it in small doses because i get so stressed/mad/frustrated/broken that this kind of stuff goes on in the name of God

anyway... I'm glad you're back!
Malsy said…
I have to say, as a mormon, that so much of that book is taken out of context and has twisted what the true LDS chruch believes- so called fundamentalists are mostly freaks, and even members of the LDS church shiver when they open there mouths in a public forum.

Just a warning about where people get their facts!

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