My McDrive-thru McMoment

The following is an actual account of a recent experience of mine at a McDonald's drive-thru:

(Saturday morning, 9:00am)
Me: (phone rings) Hello?
Beth: Hey, can you go through a drive-thru and pick me up an egg biscuit on your way home.
Me: Sure, anything for you my princess
Beth: Thanks.

(I pull up to a McDonald's drive-thru)
Order Taker Person (OTP): Welcome to McDonald's may I take your order please?
Me: Yeah, what kind of breakfast specials do you have right now?
OTP: We have 2 bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits for $2.00?
Me: Sounds great. Let me get that except on one hold the bacon and cheese.
OTP: So you want one with bacon, egg and cheese and one with just egg?
Me: That is correct.
OTP: That will be $3.89
Me: I thought you said it was 2 for $2.00
OTP: Yes, if you get 2 bacon, egg, and cheese for $2.00. You ordered one bacon, egg, & cheese and one egg biscuit.
Me: Can't you just take the bacon and cheese off one of the biscuits? I'm not asking you to add anything. I just want one biscuit with less food on it.
OTP: I'll be right back.
Manager: Sir?
Me: Yes?
Manager: We can only take the cheese off, not the bacon.
Me: Excuse me?
Manger: Since it's a special, we can only change it one time. If we remove both toppings that would be changing it twice.
Me: That really makes no sense, but ok. Just give me one egg biscuit.
Manager: You don't want the bacon, egg and cheese?
Me: No.


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