My Blank Page

It's been over a week now since I last blogged. You would think after all that time I would have some really profound statement, thought, idea, or story. The truth is I do. The truth also is I'm not in a position to share it yet. Maybe in a few more weeks. But for now all I can do is stare at my blank blog page and wish I could share what I've been going through. The tough decisions I've recently made, the doors that God has burst wide open, to the MAJOR changes that are right around the corner for me. I hope people understand what has to be done. But actually it really doesn't matter if they understand or not because I feel so strongly about the direction God is pushing me I know I'll have no regrets when it's all over.

I did finish reading another great book yesterday. Matt recommended "Shadow Divers" to me a few weeks ago after he finished reading it. the book follows the true story of two U.S. divers who discover a German U-boat of the coast of New Jersey. If you didn't know the events in the book were true, you'd swear it had to be fiction because there is no way all of those things that happened could really happen. The story is much deeper then finding the U-boat. It's about life, tragedy, honor, death, friendship, and perseverance. Even if you're not a history or outdoor adventure reader this is still a great read. 4 stars

All the work is almost finished around our house. In the past couple of months we've fenced in the backyard, turned out screened in back porch into a closed in play room, did some heavy duty landscaping around the place, and added some fresh paint to a few spots. When this is all done I think I'll take the rest of the year off from home remodeling / updating.

I went biking last week at Explorer Park in VA. ( ) I thought I had been mountain biking before but the trails at Explorer park proved me wrong yet again. I rode the beginners and one of the intermediate trails. The beginner trail was enough for me to call it a day but I foolishly decided to go for it and try some of the tougher ones. In hindsight I may have had an easier time of it if it weren't for 3 things: 1) the day before I decided to ride a bike trail near home and had no idea where it would take me. I ended up in downtown Winston-Salem. Luckily I made it to Rhonda's office and she gave me a ride bike to my car. 2) When I arrived at Explorer Park I chose to ride around to see what it was like, which ended up being and very up and down 3+ miles. So by the time I got to the bike trails I was pretty worn out. And 3) my seat broke 2/3 the way through the intermediate trail. I had to walk my bike up the mountain to get out. Next time I go I will be much more prepared.


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