My New Bookstore

There's a new bookstore in Kernersville. The only bookstore prior to this was a used paperback store that smells like animals because there is a dog grooming place next door. I've given up my hopes and dreams of K-Ville ever having a Borders or a Barnes & Noble. The new place is called "Shakespeare and Company" (The site is coming soon) It's a combination bookstore & coffee house. It opened in a large old house next to the K-ville post office.

When I walked in I was greeted by a nice middle aged lady and a very relaxing coffee scented atmosphere that all bookstores should have. She explained that each room held a different style of book, for example there is a children's room, a sports room, a fiction room, and so on. Since the large house is two stories, there are books on both levels.

After looking around a while the lady started asking me some questions, I guess she thought I was a possible shoplifter. I introduced myself the pastor from around the corner. (Yes, this place is in walking distance!!) I told her our church had a book club and before I could get another word out of my mouth she interrupted with, "Yes!! I would love for your group to meet here." I explained that we currently meet in High Point but we've kicked around the idea of starting second one in K-ville. She said we could meet there at any time and day we wanted. She would even throw in free coffee and discount our books off our book club list. I was so excited about it that I may start a book club there even if Beth doesn't.

I walked in just wanting to take a quick peek and walked out with a new location for second book club and two books. I bought Jacob a new book about "Big Trucks" and I bought me "Traveling Mercies" by Anne Lamott. Kristie H. Had just recommended that book this morning and since it was in the "Gently Used" book room (all the other books are new) for only $4.00, I figured why not.

My first thought about the new bookstore in town is i'm very impressed. The owner was super nice and very helpful. The book selection was great (and she said she had lots more coming). And the atmosphere made you want to sit down and stay a while.

I hope the store can make it.


Veeno said…
Discounts- free coffee- no long drive to High Point! Goodbye Panera!

Count me in.


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