My Championship Moment

Ok, so it wasn't The Masters or anything but yesterday was my greatest accomplishishment on the golf course. I was playing in the annual Merriwood Christian Camp golf marathon as I have for the past few years. This year Mike Willard and I teamed up with my friend Danny and one of his friends Zach for the captain's choice part of the golf marathon. I had absolutely no aspirations of coming close to winning since my track record in all things considered "athletic competition" is less then stellar. But as we played and the birdies, eagles, and even double eagles kept piling up, it became clear that we may have a chance of winning. When it was all said and done we sat at a score of 44 (27 under par). Now I must disclose we had the help of a golf package that included mulligams, throws, red tee shots, and string, but so did everyone else. When the scores were announced we were declared champs by two stokes. Except for my Piedmont Wiffle Ball Championship way back in '97, this is my only other championship in my 37 years on this earth. One one hand it's kind of pathetic that after all the sports I've played that I've only won 2 championships but the lack of winning make the championships that much more sweet and satisfying.


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