Review Time: Crowder, Redman, Saw VI and more

Music Reviews

David Crowder Band "Church Music"
This album has a very different feel from the David Crowder I'm use to. Granted, every CD has actually changed quite a bit, which I think shows a lot of the bands creative ability, but this one so far has been hard for me to fall in love with. Very electronic almost techno feel then a more pure rock/worship style that I prefer in my Crowder music. I think many people, especially musicians, can appreciate this cd and will love it. If "Remedy" which was my favorite Crowder cd, is more your style then you make want to prepare yourself before making this purchase. 3 out of 5 stars

Matt Redman "We Shall Not be Shaken"
Matt Redman needs no introduction as he as written possibly the majority of worship songs sung in most contemporary churches over the past 10 years. His newest cd, "We Will Not Be Shaken" is full of his congregation-ready, God-exalting songs. At this point, most people have made up their mind about his music. You either enjoy this style of worship or you don't. Some adore the modern hymns Redman produces; some find it shallow and musically uninteresting. Redman is unlikely to win over very many in the second category with this album, but he delivers what we expect: a Christ-centered album, full of praise to God, and U2-flavored music that can be sung corporately and doesn't distract from the biblically-based lyrics. I for one love Matt and have enjoyed just about everything he has ever produced. "We shall not be shaken" is full of songs that churches and individuals will be singing for years to come. 4 out of 5 stars

Fee "Hope Rising"
Fee's second project "Hope Rising" comes after much acclaim from their freshman album "We Shine" which garnered a No. 1 radio smash hit in "All Because of Jesus, and four GMA Dove Award nominations including a nod in the "New Artist of the Year" category.

There is a great mix of upbeat and reflective songs, all of which are perfect for any worship setting, whether personal or with a body of believers. After such a great first album, I wasn't sure if Fee could match the intensity and catchiness of "We Shine", and yet they've actually taken it up a notch with "Hope Rising" in my opinion.

I can't get enough of this album and every song is worshipful, totally catchy and instantly sing-able. For me, the standout songs are "Rise And Sing", "Greatly To Be Praised", "Glory To God Forever", and "Promised Land". I would easily say this is my favorite cd on 2009. 5 out of 5 stars

Movie Reviews

"Paranormal Activity"
Maybe the most over hyped movie this decade. I know I drank the kool-aid and couldn't wait to see it. That being said it was very good. Don't go in expecting it to be in your face horror because it isn't. It's basically "The Blair Witch Project" set in a house versus in the woods. The movie has a huge build-up that will set the stage for one of the most intense final scenes you ever see. If you're scared of things like demons and wiji boards then you will be creeped out. Overall the movie was enjoyable, but definitely not terrifying like everyone is acting like it is. See it for yourself, but don't let the hype fool you into thinking it's something it's not. "TBWP" was a bit better. 3 stars out of 5

"Saw VI"
I'll admit it, I've been a "Saw" fan since that amazing final scene at the end of the original "Saw". The writing and story not only in the original but all the way through the franchise is what has kept me coming back for more. After SAW III, the following films got kinda weak, but SAW VI was a massive improvement in comparison to IV and V. SAW VI provides an intensity level with a mind bending twist similar to the first three films, and some really cool visuals. Although extremely graphic, not really an effective horror movie. It's like a long episode of CSI mixed in with a grisly version of Family Double Dare. Again there is a twist at the end and maybe closre on one of the best horror story arcs ever scene on the big screen. 3 out of 5 stars.

"Run Fatboy Run"
"Run, Fatboy, Run" is a quirky, British film filled with humor, dry or otherwise, and lots of heart, kind of a lighthearted 'Rocky' you might say. It's one of those girl found, girl lost, girl regained story lines that have you initially rooting against the poor smuck (Simon Pegg) who eventually wins you over and has you rooting for him at the end.

The story is neither original nor complicated. At their wedding, Simon Pegg's character gets cold feet and takes off without explanation, leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind. 5 years down the line he, now a fat, pathetic looser without the money to pay the rent, realizes that he actually left the love of his life behind that day. She has found a rich, handsome, athletic American played very well by Hank Azaria, and has no need for her former fiance. So to win her back, Pegg must compete against his American competitor in a marathon race. Chaos and hilarity ensues. Simon Pegg plays the loveable loser perfectly and adds to it his incredible sense of physical comedy. His American rival is in turn played expertly by Mr. Azaria, who somehow manages to portray a character that at the same time is absolutely charming, wonderful, and thoroughly unlikeable. I'll say, that while "Run Fat Boy Run" is not in any way original or spellbinding, it does provide some solid laughs and is never boring. Definitely recommendable. 4 out of 5 stars


Ryan said…
I heard they are signed on up to SAW 10. (that's hurtin)

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