Monday Morning Sports Rant

The Panthers still stink. Sure Jake played better but he still threw a goal line interception that could have tied the game late. And where is the defense? They gave up 28 points and it could have been worse had the Falcons not fumbled in the red zone. By the way, Peppers has 1 sack and 7 tackles in his first 2 games. His paycheck for the first two games: $2,000,000.00.

Shut up Elon and go back to playing high school teams. All last week Elon fans ran their mouths about how would come into Winston and blow Wake Forest out. Well it didn't quite turn out that way did it. After the 35-7 thumping the Fighting Christians errr Phoenix took they better turn down any ACC offer to play. Unless it's UVA or Maryland.

Can Florida really feel good about their win over Tennessee this week? Lane talked the talked then a much less talented UT team rolled into the swamp and just about upset the the Gators. I know there is no such thing as a good loss but the Vols have to feel really good about their future. Also, if a former NFL def. coordinator can hold Tebow in check with minimum talent, how does he expect to make it against much bigger, faster, and skilled defenders next year in the professional tackle football league?

I realized last week that there is not a single ESPN announcer/reporter I like. I hate listening to Mike Golic, Colin Cowherd, Stuart Scott, Chris Berman, and every other bozo on the 4-letter. I challenge someone to find one quality employee from that company.

I can not wait until NCSU and UNC start to play some real competition. UNC get their first reality church this week when they visit Ga. Tech and State has to visit Wake in a couple of weeks and I only hope they get past Pitt so we can hand them their first of many losses in the ACC this season. After that we'll see if coach Tom O'Brien is still as delusional as he was last season when he claimed NCSU was the best North Carolina School.

Fantasy Sports Update
MLB: I've made the championship game in my "Field of Dreams 4" league. This is the league I made the playoffs in by .5%
NFL: After a rough 1-3 start last week I went 3-1 this time around including a 246 point explosion in "Bring out your dead". Thank you Andre and Chris Johnson!
Survival: Took my first hit as San Fran beat my pick, the Seahawks.
Pro Football Pick'em: I'm sitting in 4th place (out of 50) after 2 weeks.
College Football Pick'em: I'm up to 84%


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