My 15 Seconds Of Fame

As I reported in an earlier blog, my soccer team began our summer out-door season with an impressive win. I went on to predict that my "Mike G. Kiss Of Death" would soon follow since I had never been on a winning team in my life before. So it wasn't surprising to me that we lost out next 6 games. Then last night came. Maybe it was the fact we had nothing to play for last night in our next to last game of the season or maybe it was the total solar eclipse in Asia, whatever it may have been our "Big Green Machine" played the best game of our teams life last night as we pulled out a stunning 3-0 shut-out victory. (Kudos to MSBC's very own Hank Ferrel for an amazing night in goal)

The most memorable highlight for me was that I scored my first goal ever!!!!!! I guess a blind squirrel does find an acorn every now and then.


Robert said…
- In my two years in "Dixie Youth" baseball I never got a hit - I did foul-off a ball one time and was almost half-way to second when it finally landed. My one highlight was when the ball fell in my glove while I played right field.

- If you have ever played youth baseball, you know right field is where the worst players are stationed. Someone hit a lazy fly ball to me and I didn't have to take one step. I turned my glove up like a basket in front of my stomach. Plop! The ball landed smack dab in it. Then the runner on third scored while I jumped up and down in celebration.

Robert Dixon

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