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Kaylyn V. Brent: Fight of the Year

Beth and I are going to see the Eagles this Saturday night!!!

Beth, Jacob, and I are going to see David Crowder next month!!!

We got Netflix about a month ago and that combined with the new Roku ( Netflix player that allows you to watch movies instantly on your tv, may be one of the greatest inventions in the last decade. If you have Netflix and do not own a RoKu then you're missing out BIG time!!

My friends Sam and Heidi have a new book out and you can pick it up here:

In case you missed it, Wake Forest beat the OVER-RATED OVER-HYPED tarheels Sunday night 92-89.

The Panthers showed what I have said all season, they are the worst 11-5 team ever. here is how you fix the problem: New GM, new Coach, and new QB.

"24" freakin rocked this past Sunday/Monday!! With the return of Scrubs and Lost this month, this may be the greatest January in TV history. If only we didn't have to hear about that ridiculous American Karaoke.


Ryan said…
I second the Panthers comment. The coach is the one that should take the heat. Jake's a head case, and when he starts feeling sorry for himself--he doesn't have the talent to dig himself out of it (like Eli Manning). Matt Moore couldn't have done any worse, Fox should have pulled him after the first series in the 2nd half.

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