My Hawaiian Vacation - The Big Island Part Two: Places To Eat

You would have thought with all the outdoor activities I did while in Hawaii (hiking, swimming, etc) that I would have lost a few pounds. But with all the great food around it made that thought look very foolish. here is a list of some of my favorite place we ate while on the Big Island:

Huggo’s began in 1969 as a casual gathering spot where local fishermen met to "talk story." In the almost 40 years since then it has earned a reputation as the Big island's premiere restaurant for fresh seafood, oceanfront ambiance and casual elegance - an irresistible combination that could only happen in paradise. Huggo's had by far the best fish I have ever eaten. We made reservations in advance so we could sit in one of the ocean front tables. Above is the massive dessert we had to top off our delicious meal.

Island Breeze Lü'au
Rated the best lü'au on the Big Island by visitors, travel writers, and kama'äina local residents, the Island Breeze Lü'au is held on the historic grounds of the King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel. The menu is as follows:
- Appetizers -
Lomi salmon, Kona-style poke, Relishes, Cucumber namasu, Kona tomatoes, Macaroni salad, Waimea garden greens, Legume salad vinaigrette, Pineapple wedges, Cinnamon-spiced bananas
- Entrée -
Banana bread, Poi, Steamed white rice, Uala (Hawaiian sweet potato), Kalua Pua'a (pork), Lau lau, Kona broil, Chicken long rice, Catch of the day tropicale
- Dessert -
Coconut cake, Haupia (coconut pudding), Kona coffee
- Open Bar -
Tropical fruit punch, Mai Tai

Wasabis Japanese Cuisine
We literally stumbled unto Wasabis by accident while walking around "downtown" Kona one night. The place is tucked away behind the front row of ocean front shops but the food is anything but "back row". I'm not a big Sushi fan and will only eat it on special occasions but I will say that if all Sushi tasted like Wasabis then it would be a fixture on my regular diet. Great food and service!!

Tanta's Restaurant
We choose this particular restaurant because of the beautiful few of the bay we'd have while eating breakfast. What was a bonus was the amazing food that went along with the view. My dish was simple enough: pancakes. But they we topped with bananas, whipped creme and sliced macadamia nuts. As my daughter would say, "Deeeelicous!"

Pulalu'u Bakeshop
We only stopped here because I was craving some ice cream and they had a sign out front advertising some. So we pull in and find yet another hidden gem on this island.

At Latitude 19 degrees, Four Minutes north of the equator -The Punalu'u Bake Shop and Visitor Center is the southernmost bakery in the U.S.A. Located on Mamalahoa Highway (Route 11) in the town of Na'alehu, midway between Kailua Kona and Volcanoes National Park, the Bake Shop welcomes more than 200,000 visitors from around the world each year.

The most visited bake shop in the state of Hawaii is situated on a lush four-acre landscaped estate, that includes a wide variety of tropical palms, flowers, fragrance and culinary gardens, and other floral exotica from Hawaii. The addition of two stylish gazebos for outdoor dining provide visitors with a world class environment to relax.

The Visitor Center offers a combination of services that include modern restroom facilities, visitor information on Volcanoes National Park and the Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles found at the Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, a retail bakery and outdoor cafe-restaurant and gift shop.

A varied menu of hearty local plate lunch favorites, sandwiches, vegetarian fare, fresh garden and fruit salads, fresh brewed Ka'u coffee and ice cream complement the Bake Shops renowned sweetbread, malasadas, anpans (Japanese Pastries) and other scrumptious bakery favorites.


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