My New Job Possibility

My friend Mike came across this actual job description / opening for an "ass. pastor":

"seeking a man to come after graduation to take the position of ass. pastor. we can give the candidate a place to live and a modest sallary. person should expect to learn and grow in the local church as he works his way to some day the senior pastorate. the candidate will come and serve, learn the in\'s and outs of everday church life and be a servant. will be given duties and responsabilities and expected to have a mind to learn. will leave with a good reconmendation and maybe even an ordination, if so desired. a fellow with a piano playing wife will be most coveted. pray with us will you . the young man/ or couple could even start now and work into the position after grad."

I guessing learning how to use spell check isn't a qualification to be an ass. pastor. If only Beth could play the piano I would apply for it. Actually, the more I think about it, I would like to apply just to meet these people. I know some folks in my current church think I'm a really smart ass. pastor.


Joel Smith said…
I once worked with a fat ass. pastor. Sorry. I couldn't resist. If I had caught him stealing I guess you could say I busted my ass. Am I sinning? This feels so right

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