My Obsessions

I have 2 obsessions right now: Wake Forest Football and Mt Everest.

Wake has opened the season 2-0 for maybe the first time ever. I don't want to get ahead of myself but could this be a possible bowl year?? I know going to bowl isn't what it use to be since there are approximately 72 bowl games between Thanksgiving and New Years. But when you only go to one bowl game a decade, you take what you can get. It also helps that the "other" big four schools are a combined 1-5. I can say this with all seriousness... Wake IS the best college football team in the state of NC this year!! I've also decided to dedicate the colors of my blog to the black, gold, and white of WFU until football season is over. Go Deacs!!

Since reading "Into Thin Air", I have been obsessed with Mt. Everest. Maybe I just never payed much attention to the tallest mountain in the world before, but that thing is fascinating. I've since picked up and watched the Imax Everest movie and the made for TV movie of "Into thin air". I am now reading Beck Wethers' book "Left for dead" that recounts his version of what happened in the Everest tragedy of '96. Good stuff.

In between all the Everest stuff, Kipp loaned me "Into the wild", another true story by Jon Krakauer. This book chronicles the life of Chris McCandless, a young 22 year old man that disappears shortly after graduating from college. After two years of no contact with his relatives or friends, his body turns up dead in an abandoned bus in Alaska. The events that take place (pieced together by Jon via Chris's diary) are amazing, gripping, and heart breaking. I could not put this book down. It's a page turner that ends too quickly. If you ever wanted to take off and see what life held for you, to temp fate, walk out on the edge, find your soul in the wild outdoors, this book will go right to your heart. You will find yourself admiring this young man who takes chances with his life most would not give a thought to and somehow coming through until the end when he finds his plans to leave the wild halted by some poor but ambitious choices. This is another book that is hard to forget, because it digs up some things from our past we have and may never resolve about roads not taken. 4 stars!!


Janel said…
GO DEACS! How exciting! The Duke game was a great one! Let's keep the faith...
lambonica said…

Shoot me your e-mail. Julia got a job finally and we're movin' up in about 3 weeks.

No job for me at Mars, but God has worked this thing out and we can't wait to be a part! or

Talk to ya,


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